Next Generation of CDP

Next Generation of CDP

by Lewis M Nashner, Sc.D.

At this years’ Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) of the APTA in Washington DC, I learned that Natus Medical was abandoning NeuroCom balance rehabilitation equipment, their Smart EquiTest, Smart Balancemaster, and InVision product lines. This is a milestone for the rehabilitation field, as NeuroCom was the company that created the concept of Computerized Dynamic Posturography for systematically evaluating and training sensory and motor components of balance. And, for over 25 years, NeuroCom was the leading company worldwide advancing these concepts and devices.

I was perhaps not completely surprised by the announcement. In an era of rapid advances in scientific knowledge and technological capabilities, a medical device company must among other things continue to invest in product improvements and additions to maintain a leadership position. I had been hearing from customers that Natus was doing little if anything to continue improving and expanding the capabilities of the NeuroCom balance equipment since acquiring the company in 2008. Lack of continuing innovation by Natus was one reason why I chose to work with Bertec, beginning in 2012, to help develop a next generation of CDP assessment and training devices based in virtual reality.  

Several physical therapists that I have known for many years, also hearing the news, asked how I felt about the demise of the company I had founded and led for many years.  Sometimes spontaneous responses are the best indicators of one’s emotional state. With little opportunity to reflect, I said that I was OK with this development because there were now “grandchildren” to carry on the tradition of the now departed “parent”. As the new market leader, Bertec continues to improve and expand CDP concepts with their Balance Advantage products. 

Personally, I am pleased to play a continuing role in the development of new clinical tools for rehabilitation of balance and related mobility disorders. I have come to love the neurological rehabilitation field and the many friends and colleagues made over the years. Having served in the corporate leadership role for many years, however, I am happy to step back a bit, provide advice, and leave the business leadership responsibilities to others. 

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