Instrumented Stairs


Bertec’s instrumented stairs are designed to measure ground reaction forces while ascending or descending stairs. Three of the four levels of stairs are instrumented with our patented strain gauge technology which allow the measurement of ground reaction force and moment as well as Center of Pressure (CoP).

  • Measure ground reaction forces

  • Assess mobility

  • Mobile stairs-on-wheels

  • Portable force plates easily detachable

  • Four levels of stairs

  • Use stand-alone


A one-of-a-kind solution

Measure ground reaction forces and assess mobility on customizable instrumented stairs. Because the stairs are on wheels and the force plates are easily detachable, the instrumented stairs have maximum portability. Use stand-alone force plates or add instrumented handrails to capture upper arm data as well.

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Three steps, 3 ft wide and 1 ft deep

Landing surface, 3 ft wide and 2 ft deep

Left and right handrails, 36.5 in height

Amplifiers with connecting cables


Instrument one, two or three steps

Instrumented handrails available - each handrail outputs three components of force (Fx, Fy, Fz)


Four levels of stairs of which three are instrumented

Portable force plates in the stairs can be easily detached and used stand-alone

Highly accurate 6-component load measurement from each plate (Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz)

Stairs on wheels allow you to move the system with ease

Wheels can be retracted to lock the stairs in place