Swing Analysis


The preferred choice among top players and coaches around the world, Swing Catalyst analyzes swing motion from the ground up.

  • Measure ground reaction forces

  • Objectively quantify load and drive

  • Automatic swing detection

  • Professional grade video analysis

  • Identify & improve unapparent performance

  • Compare and rank athletes against expert performance


Professional Grade 2-D video analysis

In addition to the force plates, cameras are used with a full suite of drawing tools for video analysis. Swing Catalyst software provides features that make it easy to record lessons, compare swings, manage data, and post video lessons online to reach a wider audience. The astute coach will quickly become an expert in applied biomechanics.


Data-driven biofeedback

Objective force data assists the coach in analyzing the swing from a unique perspective, the ground reaction forces. We measure and analyze how the athlete uses their entire body to hit harder, farther, and more efficiently.

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Research grade force plates are of the highest quality and durability

Available in a variety of sizes and load ranges

Simultaneously measures three force components and three moment components about the x, y, and z axes for a total of six outputs which are used to compute the Center of Pressure (CoP)

CoP pattern

CoP per foot available

Stance Width Measurement

Video and launch monitor synchronization