Jump Analysis


Bertec’s biomechanics measurement technology captures movement details invisible to the human eye, helping you assess and track performance. Leveraging our best-in-class hardware, Bertec’s software partners provide robust jump analysis with automatic phase detection, auto zeroing, and endless jump outcome parameters.

  • Measure ground reaction forces

  • Grade and rank athlete performance

  • Tailor training to athlete specific needs

  • High quality, durable force plates

  • Superior electronics

  • Ease of data collection


Superior technology

Bertec force plates lead the industry in center of pressure and force measurement accuracy with negligible crosstalk, drift, and signal interference. Analog signals sampled internally at 1000Hz are immediately processed by our custom electronics into digital data impervious to degradation.

Leading edge partners

Some of the most innovative jump systems on the market recommend Bertec force plates for their most exacting customers. Learn more to find the right software solution that fits your needs.


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Research grade force plates are of the highest quality and durability

Available in a variety of sizes and load ranges

Simultaneously measures three force components and three moment components about the x, y, and z axes for a total of six outputs which are used to compute the Center of Pressure (CoP)