Vision Trainer


The Bertec Vision Trainer (BVT) offers performance testing and training programs to quantify reaction times, eye-hand coordination, and visual memory.

  • Improve visual-motor performance

  • Achieve peak performance in fast-paced competitive environment

  • Provide a unique modality for training during injury recovery

  • Increase user motivation and participation


React faster

Bertec implements a series of hand-eye coordination-based training modes. These trainings provide a stimulus that the user must identify and respond to by physically touching the target in the quickest possible manner.


Achieve peak performance

BVT offers customizable settings that are tuned to push the human visual-motor system to perform at its peak. User-optimized specific parameters such as duration, size of target, location, and difficulty can all be tuned to place the optimal amount of demand on the subject. Additionally, cognitive-based training modes are designed to train important skills like pattern recognition, spatial awareness, and working memory.


Train smarter

Integrating the Bertec balance platform offers insights into postural sway and eye-body coordination during training. The platform unlocks the balance training modes where users can perform eye-body trainings that use the center of pressure trace created by the balance platform to interact with the visual stimulus. Insights are garnered into the balance and stability of the patient in sensory stimulating environments.

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Standard Package

Bertec Vision Trainer software

Slim profile with large, interactive TV screen

Dedicated integrated computer

55” commercial grade touchscreen

Height adjustable Ergotron cart

Power cable, HDMI cable & power strip









Customizable training

Touchscreen operation

Compact, all-in-one vision training system

Simple & intuitive user interface

Minimum ceiling height: 7 ft

System weight: ~100 lb

Capacitive touchscreen monitor: 55”

Electrical requirements: 120 VAC 6.0 amps

General footprint: ~4x2 ft

Computer: Intel Nuc (Windows 10, i3 Processor)


Balance Plate