Precision engineering, applied

Bertec’s biomechanics measurement technology captures performance details invisible to the human eye, helping you assess and track your athletes. Trusted by coaches and players around the world, Bertec's products have represented a legacy of excellence in biomechanics for over thirty years.


Jump Analysis

Bertec force plates seamlessly integrate with many leading jump analysis software providers. Our industry-leading biomechanics measurement hardware gives you the most accurate data for your athletes.

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Swing Analysis

Bertec provides state of the art force plate technology as the platform for the Swing Catalyst software. Swing Catalyst is already being used by the top golf and baseball players and coaches around the world. The system gives the coach and player the tools to analyze their swing in the most effective way possible, from the ground up. By syncing this data up to the video, coaches can look at how efficient the player uses the ground to generate power, frame by frame.

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Vision Trainer

The Bertec Vision Trainer (BVT) offers performance testing and training programs to quantify reaction times, eye-hand coordination, and visual memory. Impairments in these areas can compromise one’s ability to drive, play sports, or even write. Features in the BVT allow for customization of many variables to customize training: number of targets, size of targets, speed of targets, and dynamic visual backgrounds.

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