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Our reputation for precision and accuracy is built on a three-decades-old legacy in measurement excellence. Researchers around the world rely on Bertec’s engineering to help them pursue a deeper understanding of biomechanics from the ground up.


Force Plates

Designed for gait, balance, and performance analysis, Bertec force plates are dependable and deliver highly accurate and reliable data. Hundreds of laboratories around the world, with thousands of research projects, rely on Bertec force plates.

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Instrumented Treadmills

Bertec’s instrumented treadmills act as an endless walkway with split belts, which can be controlled independently in both forward and reverse with high precision at desired speeds and accelerations. The Bertec treadmill allows researchers to reduce gait laboratory space requirements and remove the limitations inherent in a traditional gait walkway. The unique design features result in superior dynamic characteristics and a high natural frequency making it the best research-grade fully instrumented treadmill.

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Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs is an integrated research system for movement analysis with visual and audio feedback in real time. By integrating an instrumented treadmill, 3D motion capture system, Motion Monitor software, and an immersive environment with controlled visual and auditory feedback, Bertec’s Immersive Labs is one of the most advanced systems for locomotion and balance research.

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