Bertec’s Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP/IVR) combines immersive virtual environments with dual-balance force plate technology. The advancements in Bertec’s technology increase the clinical value of CDP in both assessment and targeted therapy interventions, especially for patients suffering from dizziness, balance problems and/or motion sensitivity. Training with immersive, virtual stimuli can increase patient motivation, adaptability and variability—all factors that positively affect patient outcomes.

  • Next generation CDP

  • Immersive virtual reality training

  • Expanded assessment and treatment protocols

  • Enhanced visual stimulus

  • Low profile for easy access

  • Touch screen display and remote control


The IVR is able to take you to different levels. It's an evolving product that is limitless on what you can do, both evaluation- and treatment-wise.



Next generation CDP

Bertec’s extensive biomechanical engineering experience enables a technologically superior and clinically robust computerized dynamic posturography system. The use of immersive virtual reality unlocks endless training and visual assessment scenarios previously unavailable to clinicians and simply impossible with a mechanical surround.

Training with immersive, virtual stimuli

Increase patient adaptability, variability, and motivation with immersive and modular experiences for patients at any level of treatment and recovery. Working side-by-side with your patient, create compelling visual conflict using a library of stimuli that allow real-time modification of difficulty parameters.

Ergonomic design

The CDP/IVR’s low step-up profile provides easy access for your patients suffering from dizziness, balance problems, and/or motion sensitivity; its dynamic motion base intelligently hides its hinges to avoid physical and psychological trip hazards. Stay close and hands-on with your patient using the dedicated static clinician area and wireless remote.


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Standard Package

Immersive virtual environment with real-time adjustable parameters

  • Rock wall
  • Checkerboard Room
  • Optokinetic stripes (horizonal and vertical, adjustable width and speed)
  • Grocery aisle (real-time adjustable parameters)
  • Flight simulator
  • Castle Corridor

Bertec Balance Advantage Software

Dedicated computer

Touchscreen monitor

Wireless keyboard and pointing device/mouse

Color printer

Dynamic base with dual-balance force plate

Visual surround immersive screen (74”W x 42”D x 105”H) with LCD projector

Integrated safety harness structure

Height adjustable clinician workstation

One-year parts and labor with ongoing support

Foam balance pad (18” x 20” x 4”)

Assessment Protocols


  • Sensory Organization Test (SOT)
  • Motor Control Test (MCT)
  • Adaptation Test (ADT)


  • Limits of Stability (LOS)
  • Rhythmic Weight Shift (RWS)
  • Unilateral Stance (US)
  • Weight Bearing Squat (WBS)

Quick Training


Closed Chain

Weight Shifting



Expanded assessment and treatment protocols

Low 4” step height onto dual-balance force plate

Low profile, easy access, open space, no hinge obstruction

High-sensitivity dual-balance force plate

Clinician touch screen display for user-friendly experience

Intuitive, comprehensive clinical software for patient tracking

Over 180 degree horizontal field of view, over 90 degree vertical field of view

18” x 20” balance plate level with 12”x 39” clinician standing area

Modular software design to fit your needs

Patented and HIPAA compliant patient database with merge and sync capabilities across all Bertec® Balance Advantage® products


Bertec Balance Advantage Head-Shake Sensory Organization Test (HS-SOT)

Functional dual-balance force plates (20” x 60”)

Pediatric safety harness

Bariatric safety harness

Extended warranty