Accurate Assessment & Effective Rehabilitation with Bertec Balance Advantage Systems

Bertec’s Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP/IVR)

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Interacoustics, a global supplier of hearing and balance diagnostics, has officially kicked off! Our Balance Advantage Systems, a full line of clinical systems for both assessment and treatment of balance disorders, are available exclusively via your local Interacoustics distributor.

Expand Your Business with Balance Advantage Systems

Bertec designs and manufactures Balance Advantage Systems using three decades of experience with high quality research instrumentation. A comprehensive multidisciplinary approach is required for effective management of patients with balance and mobility problems, including:

  • Accurate assessment and patient classification

  • Customized treatment focused on the impairments of the individual patient

  • Evidence-based care plan

Objective quantification of balance and mobility disorders starts with a comprehensive assessment using the best available tools. Evaluation should include as much of the balance system as possible, checking multiple sensory and motor systems. Treatment plans that focus on discrete, measured impairments are more efficient and more likely to produce an optimal result. Objective data to guide the assessment process and treatment planning can also be used to monitor patient progress, fine tune the treatment, and document effectiveness.

Balance Advantage Systems

Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP/IVR)


The Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP/IVR) system is used to provide the gold standard in balance evaluation protocols to isolate and quantify impairments that contribute to a balance problem. The CDP/IVR system incorporates Immersive Virtual Reality in its distinctive dome, using computer-generated visual stimuli both for assessment and unique training environments, and a highly sensitive dynamic dual balance plate.

The CDP/IVR simulates an engaging visual environment that improves patients' experience and leads to improved outcomes in rehabilitation. Available with the Bertec Balance Advantage software, the platform offers different training options for people who need to improve their balance. These include weight shifting, quick training, mobility, closed chain and seated training.

Portable Essential


The Portable Essential’s dual-balance plate captures minute shifts in balance and provides information on the asymmetry of loads of the right and left foot, allowing for more versatile assessments and accurate measurements. Integrate our complete battery of assessment and training options into a customized therapy program for patients suffering from dizziness, balance problems, and neurological challenges.

When paired with a laptop, Bertec’s highly sensitive, low profile dual-balance force plate, powered via USB, is a vital part of your clinic’s day-to-day practice. The lightweight design allows you to extend balance services beyond your clinic's walls and into home health, bedside, and community health programs.

Bertec Vision Advantage (BVA)


Do your patients have the optimal eye and head coordination to maximize their performance? Find out using the Bertec Vision Advantage (BVA) system, which identifies dysfunction in the vestibular ocular reflex (VOR) per the Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA) Test and measures the head velocity, axis, and direction where visual accuracy breaks down per the Gaze Stabilization Test (GST).

The BVA system is designed to evaluate vision problems resulting from head movement that can cause or complicate balance performance. As mentioned above, the BVA identifies dysfunction in the VOR per the Dynamic Visual Acuity Test and provides a more objective test than the standard clinical DVA test using an eye chart. The BVA also includes a Gaze Stability Test that identifies when the VOR falls below normal limits and whether there is an asymmetry between the left and right side.

Prime IVR


The Prime IVR adds Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) to enhance clinical balance assessment and training. The immersive screen used in the Bertec CDP/IVR system is combined with a fixed dual-balance force plate.

Provide therapy to patients at a higher level by utilizing immersive virtual reality to perform assessments and enhanced clinical balance training. This unique product combines the flexibility of a small force plate with the power of IVR training scenes.

The Bertec Prime IVR includes a suite of assessments as well as training options to provide targeted and customized therapy depending on the needs of the patient.

Portable Functional


Portable Functional is a longer yet portable and highly sensitive balance force plate designed as a walkway for mobility assessment and training. The longer force plate allows the clinician to assess and train the patient on tasks that mimic daily walking, stair-stepping, and sit-to-stand activities. Easily transported, the Bertec Portable Functional is powered by USB and configured with a touchscreen laptop and wireless remote. The highly sensitive, low profile design allows easy access for your patients suffering from dizziness, balance problems, and/or motion sensitivity.



COBALT is a balance test for athletes. COBALT can be used as part of a concussion screening and management program by providing an objective measure of balance control when relying on visual, somatosensory and vestibular demands.

The patented COBALT protocol includes a unique set of testing conditions that places high demands on the visual and vestibular systems that traditional static balance testing does not provide. Research shows these more difficult conditions yield sensitivity in identifying individuals with suspected concussion.

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