The purpose of this media kit is to provide tools in a format that can be easily used and understood by anyone who is responsible for expressing the Bertec brand.

Every expression of an organization’s identity must be an authentic reflection of its personality and must be fulfilled by operational practices.

A brand is more than a nice logo and a memorable tagline—it’s a story that people tell themselves about an organization, product, or movement. It’s an idea that builds strength over time through consistency and repetition.

Bertec Media Kit


Company Background

Institutions around the world who demand the most accurate solutions in biomechanical engineering choose Bertec. Bertec is called on by the world’s scientific rock stars (MIT, Harvard, Toyota, MLB, the Japanese, American, Canadian, and German Olympic teams, among others) for reliable and applicable science that elevates the standard.

Founded in 1987, Bertec is an internationally recognized leader in the development of research-grade and clinical biomechanical equipment and software. This leadership is represented through a legacy of excellence in biomechanics for over thirty years. Today, Bertec continues to tackle some of the most ambitious engineering projects in multiple disciplines including biomechanics, mechatronics, immersive virtual reality, eye tracking, and computer vision to bring industry leading solutions to practitioners, researchers, and clinicians.

The Bertec Difference

  • Supplying biomechanics research instruments for 30+ years with reputation for accuracy, durability, and reliability

  • Proprietary transducer technology

  • Superior signal acquisition

  • 50+ patents

  • Exceptional customer and product support



Necip Berme, Ph.D., Founder

Necip Berme, Ph.D., Founder

Murat Berme, CEO

Murat Berme, CEO


Brand Guidelines and Standards Manual

Our strengths inform the narrative at the core of our brand. All outward facing messaging should be built upon these three distinctive qualities.

  • High-profile Clients

  • Engineering Capability

  • Thought Leadership .

Click here to download the Bertec Brand Standards Manual. The purpose of this manual is to provide these tools in a format that can be easily used and understood by anyone who is responsible for expressing the Bertec brand. (It also serves as a case study for the brand—it’s a living example of what Bertec should look like, feel like, and sound like.)



Bertec’s mark takes its shape from the strain gauge load cells found at the core of many Bertec products. The mark is both bold and precise — each curve cut from a perfect circle, each component equally spaced. The challenge in developing the Bertec mark was to create a symbol that had both meaning and visual appeal in Bertec’s three distinct markets (research, clinical, and sports performance). The strain gauge, a foundational component of many Bertec products, succinctly hits all three markets and has the added dimension of being the shape of a capital letter “B”. The mark is clean, perfectly balanced and strong.

The Bertec logo consists of two components, a mark and a signature, which should always appear together in only the approved lockups.

The Mark

  • The mark consists of a spring—a shape taken from the strain gauge load cells found in Bertec components. It should almost always be paired with the signature, except in cases where the Bertec brand is already evident.

The Signature

  • The signature is the foundation of the Bertec logo. It should be included on all materials.


Product Descriptions & Images

Images are downloadable


Bertec Force Plates

Bertec force plates are designed for gait, balance, and performance analyses. Our patented strain gauge technology, innovative transducer designs, and quality manufacturing help you capture the highly accurate data needed for your research.


Fully Instrumented Treadmill 

Bertec’s line of instrumented treadmills act as an endless walkway with split belts, which can be controlled independently in both forward and reverse with high precision at desired speed and acceleration.


Instrumented Handrails

Bertec’s instrumented handrails are designed for measuring upper body force. The durable design along with the superior characteristics of strain gage sensors provide sustainability and long-term stability. The handrails are used with our fully instrumented treadmill, instrumented stairs or stand-alone.


Instrumented Stairs

Bertec’s instrumented stairs are designed to measure ground reaction forces while ascending or descending stairs. Three of the four levels of stairs are instrumented with our patented strain gauge technology which allow the measurement of ground reaction force and moment as well as Center of Pressure (CoP).


Immersive Labs

Experience one of the most advanced systems for locomotion and balance research with an integrated, fully instrumented treadmill, 3D motion capture system, Motion Monitor software, and an immersive environment with controlled visual and auditory feedback.


Swim Starting Blocks

The Bertec swimming platform is a multi-component swimming starting and turning force analysis system. It comes complete with dual force sensing plates to measure forces and moments generated by the individual feet during the start.


Starting Blocks

The Bertec starting blocks are a multi-component platform with dual force sensing plates to measure forces and moments generated by the individual feet during the start.


Product Flyers


Manuals and Specifications

A full library of Bertec’s user manuals, instructions, technical specifications, and SDK documentation is available for download on the Downloads page.


Research Systems Overview Course

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